Skypeman 2.1

Skypeman allows you to set different ringtones to each contact to call, chat, online and offline status.


Skypeman is a program to replace the standard ringtones of Skype. The uniqueness of the program is that it provides an opportunity to establish a separate ringtone for each contact.

How to start?
To work with the program Skypeman you need to download and install this package.
Run the Skypeman. If Skype will ask to give access - click the button in the popup window "allow access".
What are the system requirements needed to run Skypeman?
Operating system: Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/8.1, architecture x86/x64;
Skype for Desktop.
How to set a ringtone to a contact?
Open Skypeman, select a contact. Open the "contact information" by double-clicking on a contact.
Select Online, Offline, Call or Chat.
Uncheck the "default". Click on the "select a file". Select the desired file.
Here in the window, you can play the selected ringtone.
How to change the language in Skypeman?
The menu item "Tools" -> "Change Language".
How to let us know about an error?
The menu item "Help" -> "Bug Report...".
How to stop the ringtone?
Use the function located in the main menu "Skypeman" -> "Stop sounds".


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