Hold Image 2.1

Hold Image 2 offers specially designed services for extending the system scope and further protection of your files.

Hold Image 2 services:

Additional Extensions

The Additional Extensions service enables a user to handle complementary image formats (TIFF, GIF, TGA, Icons, Photoshop Document) in Hold Image 2.

The TIFF format is very popular when it comes to scanning, fax sending and text recognition. It is used in printing as it saves images with big colour depth. TIFF is an indispensable format for many photographers as it helps save the image information loss-free without the so-called "compression damage" that occurs when converting photos to JPG format. Besides, this format is supported by virtually all programs.

Artists, designers and representatives of other art professions creating images in GIF format can send their works without fear for the safety of their works.

The TGA format saves images intact even if they are compressed. Those who create texture games, visualize house internal and external appearance using the TGA format can easily send their works in the appropriate format without fear for their safety.

Designers developing icons in the ICO format can upload the icons in Hold Image 2 with further exporting.

Many designers, architects, photographers and publishing houses use the PSD format. There is hardly a single representative of art professions unaware of this format. Considerable options for handling images, layer support and many other solutions give the PSD format many advantages over other ones. Capability providing for downloading the PSD format for viewing in Hold Image 2 with further exporting helps a user to save the time to be used for developing further projects.

So, this service helps you download images required without wasting time on their conversion!

We are not complacent: as the Hold Image 2 system develops the number of formats supported will increase.

If you did not find in the list of supported formats the desired format, then you should pay attention to the service Internal Data.

Internal Data

The Internal Data service enables a user to load and protect a file in any format!

Use the Internal Data service if you are required to load a file in a non-graphic or graphic format which is not supported by the standard edition Hold Image 2 system.

The Internal Data service extends the Hold Image 2 system scope and enables representatives of art professions to work safely in the information space.

Internal Data is a ready-to-use tool for protecting original solutions.

Individuals working in such programs as Maya, 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD can send existing projects encased in Hold Image 2 to their customers – it will be a kind of "risk-free deal": a customer paid for the work and received a password for exporting file in the project.

Life Protect

Activation of this service helps set a limit on Hold Image 2 - [Viewer] file viewing. Upon the expiry of the time limit set the file cannot be run.

Use this service unless you want your works to be kept for long and copied by the people you do not know well. Use the Life Protect service for setting a limit on viewing your works!

Single Player

Do you want your works can be viewed on one computer only?

Use this service unless you want your works to be forwarded to a third party (for instance, as an analogue).

Protect your rights and ideas.

Magazine publishing houses, web-based media and graphic novel publishers will like this service as each copy will be owned by one person.

Once you convert a book, a magazine or a graphic novel to the Hold Image 2 format, you can easily deliver it to the end user without fear that the end user may place it on third-party sites.

Operation principle for the Single Player service is simple: one build – one user!

To work with the service, you must have an active subscription. More about subscription ...

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